Monday, June 4, 2007

SPAM spam SPAM spam

There is a relatively short list of foods I never get sick of: beef jerky from a butchers shop, Zip’s tartar sauce, fresh blueberries and homemade marshmallows all come to mind. Ok, actually it's quite a long list, when I start thinking about it. But - at the very top of the list is sushi. Sure, when sushi is poorly made it’s insipid. But when sushi is good, it’s very VERY good.

So last Saturday, I bought a crab at the Hollywood Farmers Market from the Linda Brand Crab booth. They always have fresh seafood, and I have a hard time not spending a fortune whenever I see one of their booths at a market. I like to buy a whole crab and clean it myself right when I get it home. There is nothing more humbling in life than spending a Saturday evening scooping out crab guts. At least this crab was cold – hot crab guts are much worse.

After that task was over, I sat down in front of the tv with a nutcracker and a stiff drink and carefully picked out all the crab meat. Good times were had.

Whenever I spend a sizeable amount of my money and time on a crab, I’m going to make sure I make something good with it. Which is why I took advantage of an uneventful Sunday afternoon and made sushi: California rolls, tuna rolls and Spam musubi.

It was all extremely good, but the Spam musubi ended up being the Sunday night main event. First, I marinated slices of Spam (I actually used Spam Lite – because hey, I’m healthy like that) in Soy Vey teriyaki sauce. Then I put a fried slice of spam on top of some spam-shaped sushi rice with a thin layer of egg. I discovered that the empty Spam can makes a great mold for the rice! Then I wrapped up each piece with a strip of nori. Hello! Porky, eggy goodness.

Kevin was recording The Curious in our basement most of Sunday afternoon, so when they were all finished recording, the band came upstairs and sampled my sushi offerings. The Spam Musubi was a hit! And I was happy to share the wonders of Spam and rice with an appreciative crowd.

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Lisa said...

That Spam sushi looks like a toy. The kind I had was cut up and wrapped in a roll.